How we work

Native Speaker

Native Speaker

Your children will be taught by native speakers or teachers with native speaker level.
Movement & Fun

Movement & Fun

Children want and need to move a lot, even when they are learning. This is why we work with the Total-Physical-Response method by James Asher.
English & Art

English & Art

Children are learning the english language together with getting to know famous artists from different epochs.


Our methodology is scientifically sound and is enhancing constantly, to ensure the best language learning experience for your child.
English & Music

English & Music

Not only do we sing but also encourage the children to create and play their own instruments.
Sense & Purpose

Sense & Purpose

Following the principles of Task-Based-Language-Learning, we work closely together with the children so their interests can be incorporated.

Why you should choose the Little English House?

The Little English House® Method

Montessori Method
Our approach
In the Little English House, we nurture and support the children. All of our topics end in a target-task. With this, the children can demonstrate their acquired knowledge. It is very important to us that our students do not only learn single words and vocabulary but are also able to produce chunks and whole sentences. Even the youngest students are able to produce sentences in English, if we as the teachers provide them with opportunities to use the language authentically and meaningful. To achieve this goal, we use the Task-Based-Language-Learning method.
Learning in small groups
Age-related and language proficiency
Specially designed materials
Authentic materials

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Trial Lesson

Trial Lesson

In all of our LEHs we offer free trial lessons. Therefore, the children, the group and the teacher can get to know each other. To book a trial lesson just click on your location and arrange a suitable appointment. Of course, we also want to invite you as parents to visit our lesson and see for yourself how we teach and what our concept is like.

Classes & Tuition

Classes & Tuition

The monthly fee for our lessons (60 minutes/week) starts at 36,00€. This can vary from different locations. 
Our workbooks start at 16,00€ - not paid monthly but only every 6 - 12 months. 
Additional costs like application fees, fees for work materials or crafting utensils are included in the monthly fee. Also our Little English House Song CD is free for every child that is enrolled in the Little English House.
Any more questions?

Any more questions?

If you have any more questions feel free to contact our school managers in each location. You can also check our FAQs (frequently asked questions) in which we answered the most commons questions by parents. To visit the FAQ please click here.
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Where to find us

Please click on a house in your area to open the contact information. 

You will be lead to the information site by clicking on the name of the Little English House.


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Morgen ist es schon soweit, Weihnachten steht buchstäblich vor der Tür. Habt ihr euren Weihnachtsbaum schon aufgestellt? Fehlt euch noch ein bisschen Deko? Dann sind unsere salt dough ORNAMENTS


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In the Little English House®, children acquire the English language in a playful and successful way.

We work in small groups to guarantee individual support for every child. With our unique and scientifically sound method, the children get to know the foreign language with the help of music and art as well as learner oriented syllabi.

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